Steam Cleaning Swansea, Neath & Port Talbot

Steam CleaningAt Crystal Clean Hygiene we offer a wide range of professional cleaning solutions for all types of domestic and commercial properties & we have carried out many jobs all with very satisfied customers. Our employees are highly trained and experienced to use all equipment & chemicals used to clean & protect against dust mites and stains. As well as offering professional cleaning services we also help you with flood, fire and insurance work. If your property & furniture has been damaged by a flood or a fire then our qualified steam cleaners will be able to carry out restoration work and we are also approved to carry out restoration work for many insurance companies.

Other cleaning services we offer include leather cleaning and tile & grout cleaning, so we are able to restore leather furniture and tiling to its former glory no matter how badly soiled it is. We have the skills and experience to clean and restore any type of flooring, carpets, sofas and curtains to the highest quality possible so you do not have to replace anything which will be costly. Our commercial carpet clean service and domestic carpet & upholstery clean service are carried out by our professional carpet cleaners who will carry out job to the highest quality possible.

End of Tenancy Cleaning & Office Carpet Clean

We have a selection of cleaning packages to suit all types of needs and budgets starting with bronze, which includes a basic deep steam clean up to gold which includes everything included in the bronze and silver packages. We also have packages specifically designed to remove & protect fabric from dust mites, remove pet stains and hair and a special package which uses baby safe cleaners to help protect babies. Each package we offer applies to all of the cleaning services we offer which includes carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, leather cleaning & rug cleaning.

If you need your office carpets and floors cleaned or if you are a landlord & need your property cleaning then we can provide a package to suit your budget and we can also tailor our packages to suit your cleaning needs.

Floor & Rug Cleaning
Port Talbot & Ammanford

Carpet CleaningAt Crystal Clean Hygiene we carry out all types of upholstery cleaning for sofas & curtains and carpet cleaning to restore them to the best possible condition. We only use the most up to date technology and best methods to clean each piece of upholstery or carpet.

Our upholstery cleaning involves using micro splitting chemicals to separate the dirt from the fabric, remove all of the dirt & protect against stains and dust mite infection. The whole process starts with vacuuming to get rid of the dust and loose dirt, then we use our micro-splitting chemicals to work into the fabric which breaks down the stains and dirt which can't be hovered up, then we carefully clean the fabric leaving no dirt residue behind.

Carpet cleaning is similar to upholstery cleaning as we hoover up all the dirt then use micro-splitting chemicals to break down all the deep stains and dirt. Then we use specialist top down machinery which removes all the deep ground in dirt and stains to leave the carpets clean and residue free. Once we have cleaned all of the carpet it will take about an hour or longer to dry properly depending on how stained it was to start with.

Dust Mite Control
Llanelli & Carmarthen

Allergy CleaningAllergies affect over 40% of the UK population & causes misery to people with symptoms such as runny noses, skin rash and itchy eyes. Allergic reactions can be caused by dust mites, pollen, pet hairs and moulds which can all accumulate in carpets and upholstery. We are specialists in removing allergens from all types of fabric because we use a special micro-splitting chemicals to break down and eliminate all types of allergens to make your rooms allergen free and to make your life more enjoyable.


Pre-Treatment And Deep Steam Clean.


Same As Bronze But With Rinsing Treatment After Cleaning.


Same As Silver But With Dust Mite Eliminator, Stain Guarding Treatment.


Extra Gentle Cleaner With Anti Bacterial Rinsing.


Pet Soil Detection & Anti Bacterial Treatment Safely Removing “Pet Accidents”.


Allergy Cleaning & Dust Mite Eliminator Treatment.